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writing program administration

Composition Coordinator

Francis Marion University, expected 2015

Duties to be outlined at that time

Interim Expanded Composition Coordinator

University of Southern Mississippi, 2013 - 2014

Develop and review curriculum for the Expanded Composition Program; Oversee 15 instructors, 22 sections of 100E, and 22 sections of 099E; Provide support and mentorship to Expanded instructors; Administer and assess the Comp I-Expanded challenge exam; Address placement concerns of at-risk students; Coordinate Expanded Program events and annual assessment; Gather and report data on each Expanded cohort’s success rates in subsequent writing courses and degree completion

Composition Program Workgroup

University of Southern Mississippi, 2012 - 2014

Assist with curriculum development for traditional first-year writing; Assist with selection of common texts; Serve on Graduate Teaching Award Committee; Review and edit assessment materials and guidelines; Participate in annual program assessment; Serve as Breakout Leader for 100E/099E, developing and facilitating workshops for graduate instructors and adjuncts (2013-present)

CxC Studio Graduate Assistant Coordinator

Louisiana State University, Communication across the Curriculum (CxC), 2007 - 2010

Award: CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence (2010)


Meet with and advise faculty with communication-intensive projects; Train and oversee student workers; Create documents and resources; Assist with creation and implementation of faculty Summer Institute; Design and present lectures and workshops; Offer individual consultations on student communication projects and electronic portfolios; Assist in managing the Distinguished Communicator Certification program; Assist with pilot program assessment; Assist with award and grant applications; Recruit students and facilitate outreach; Attend advisory council meeting, presenting in Coordinator’s absence; Co-Organize Annual Digital Media Festival (2008, 2009), leading coordination in 2010

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