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student testimonies

Course evaluations give professors a chance to glance into students' perspectives and opinions on their semester-long journeys with the material and pedagogical methods.  They may reveal what students liked or disliked, what was effective or ineffective.  But regardless, students' comments offer insight.  Below are selected feedback from a range of courses to demonstrate successful teaching:

Technical Writing, Online
Summer 13, ENG 333

“This class was very challenging, but it took my writing to heights I didn't think I could achieve. Eng 333 pushed me to make my writing more effective.”


"Dr. Spear is always willing to help her students in any way['] she is a great teacher."

"I have never taken an online class like this before.  Our instructor had everyone actively engaging with one another and I really learned a lot from every one...Even though this class was difficult, I wouldn't hesitate taking another class under Dr. Spear."

"This has been the best online course I have taken by far."

Advanced Composition
Spring 13, ENG 332

“Wow.  I wish this course was repeatable.  Dr. Spear's enthusiasm about trauma research is contagious.  Additionally, she is a very structured woman and sticks to her syllabus ans assignment sheets. I appreciate the friendly environment she was able to create in her classroom.  This course above all other ENG course I have taken has taught me worlds about my own strengths and weaknesses in composition.”

“Ms. Spear did a superior job in teaching advanced composition and succeeded in challenging me to diversify my style of writing.  Student Learning Outcomes, as defined by the syllabus, were subject of discussion every class meeting.  Her passion for composition and literature is unparallelled by any instructor I've ever learned from.  Dr. Spear's charisma was an inspiration to all in the classroom...”

Introduction to Literature
Summer 12, ENG 110

“...She was very enthusiastic and made the class enjoyable.  I would love to be in a future class of hers no matter the class, due to her teaching...I was sad to hear she is leaving [UNCW], but proud to have been her student.”


“Great teacher who did an excellent job encouraging learning.  One of the few 8am classes I have ever looked forward to.


“Very dedicated.  I personally hate to see her leave [UNCW].


“Dr. Spear was one of the best teachers I have ever had.  I enjoyed coming to her class every day because she made it fun and interesting.  I am sad to see her leave UNCW!


“… was very energetic and interesting while she taught.  It made me want to come to class.


“Instructor was great! Very well organized & interesting for an 8am English course.  I actually feel like I learned in this course, [and] I would highly recommend.  It makes a difference when the instructor loves [her] job, [and] you can tell Dr. Spear does!


“Adorable teacher.  Demanding class but manageable and rewarding.


“SUCH a good teacher.  She got really involved & loves teaching.  The class was a lot of fun to be in and we got a lot done.  Best teacher I have had so far.


“I enjoyed this class a lot...I never dreaded coming to this class even thought it was at 8am!


“… I learned so much...I would take her class again if I could.


Women in Literature
Fall 11, ENG 230

“Honestly I could not make a complaint about Dr. Spear if I tried! She is one of the best professors I have had at UNCW and she is the reason why I have taken a great interest in English!  I would recommend this class (and her as a teacher) to anyone!”


“I loved this class and the stories...Dr. Spear seemed to really care about us individually and as a whole and that made her an even better teacher.  I hope to get to take one of her classes again and I wish she taught higher level courses as well so I could take her more...Amazing teacher and person!”


“Honestly, I was a little worried for this course...Turns out, it's my favorite!!  The stories were interesting and the discussions were helpful, enlightening, and altogether wonderful.  Dr. Spear is the best professor I've had at UNCW, and definitely in top ten teachers of my entire education career! She is really fantastic and I'm sad to have to leave her.”


“ such a wonderful professor! the class & love professor Spear...”


“Wonderful professor -- out of all the professors I've had at UNCW (and that is a plethora), she seems to be the most concerned with the actual education of her students -- the quality of the knowledge and insight they gain.  I took this course with a light-heart in the beginning but after she took a genuine interest in my work, I was more motivated.  Quality professor.”


“ of the most considerate and kind professor I have encountered throughout my college career.  I enjoyed class discussions and the texts selected...the grading was a bit tough for a 200-level course....would still recommend Dr. Spear, any day!”



College Composition II, Online
Summer 13, ENG 102

“The class was intellectually challenging and judging by comments by other classmates, we all found it helpful...her methods of teaching an online course are superb!”

“Dr. Spear was one of the loveliest professors I have ever had.  She is extremely organized and helpful, which made taking her class online less stressful.  She pushed you to develop your writing further which I really appreciated.  If I could take her again in the future I absolutely would."

“The instructor was very helpful. One of the best teachers I had so far!”

“The instructor displayed passion for the subject and pushed each of the students to improve as much as possible...”

Expanded Composition
Fall 12 - Spring 13, ENG 100E/101E

“I really enjoyed the class. My writing has improved since the beginning of the school year. I would recommend this program to future students who want to improve their writing.”

“I loved your class...[and] teaching skills. Every time I had a question, you answered with no problem!”

“I found Dr. Spear[']s class to be very challenging, but very beneficial.”


“Dr. Spear is a great teacher...she is very considerat[e] and she does her very best to help her students!”

“She is a wonderful teacher...I learned a lot and enjoyed the class a lot.  I am glad that I will get to have her next semester as my English teacher.”


Themes in Literature: Trauma & Healing
Spring 12 and Spring 11, ENG 290

“Dr. Spear is attentive and perennially respectful to all of her students...I highly enjoyed the course, despite the difficult subject”


“… showed a lot of enthusiasm and pushed us to work hard.”


“… one of the best teachers I've had at UNCW.  She was always there to help whenever we needed it.  She also made the mater exciting and made me want to come to class every day.  Also, very organized and set up class well.”


“Always willing to go above & beyond to help students & truly cares if they are interested and learning.”


“I appreciate the professor's ability to convey difficult subject matter with empathy and seriousness.  She is respectful towards her students and highly devoted to the field.”


“…It was a lot of reading but each book was interesting and gave insight...”


“… an excellent professor and readily met with me outside of class.  Loved this class.”


“…such a wonderful professor!  One of my favorites at UNCW!”




“One of the best teachers…Genuinely cares about students & wants them to succeed”


“Best [E]nglish class ever!”


“…amazing at her job and really has an enthusiasm for the subject matter... is an inspiration.”


“The teacher went above and beyond for everyone.  The instructor’s attitude was refreshing and always approachable.  I got a lot of this class…I got more than I expected.  Thank you!”


“Thank you for making heavy topics easier to talk about.  I learned so much!”


College Reading & Writing II - Women's Issues
Fall 11 and Spring 12, ENG 200

“Dr. Spear is a wonderful professor -- I'd argue one of the best in [the] English department.  Really works with her students & applies learning to [the] curriculum!”


“… course was very interesting...I liked having peer's always a joy to be in Dr. Spear's class!”


“A hard class [and] we covered a lot in a semester but I learned a lot and became a much better writer.”


“… Enjoyed writing topics for essays...”


“This is the second course I have taken with Dr. Spear and I am impressed again.  I have never seen a teacher who is as passionate, and who cares as genuinely about her students...”


“One of the best teachers I have ever had!  Would strongly recommend and take her for any other class!”



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