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curriculum vita


Ph. D., Comparative Literature, Louisiana State University, May 2010
Specializations: Life-Writing, Writing Pedagogy, Composition Studies, Trauma Studies, Women Writers, Expressive Writing and Expressive Therapy Theory

Dissertation: More than Words, More than Wounds: (Re)Writing ‘Wounded’ Women and Healing Pedagogies
Award: Ann Veronica Simon Outstanding Gender Studies Dissertation Award, LSU, May 2011

Education Specialist (Ed. S.), Curriculum and Instruction, Louisiana State University, Dec. 2007

M. A., Comparative Literature, Louisiana State University, Aug. 2006

B. A., Magna Cum Laude, Math and French, English minor, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS, May 2002


selected publications

Peer-Reviewed Scholarship Articles
“‘Let Me Tell You a Story’: On Teaching Trauma Narratives, Writing, and Healing.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture. Issue 14.1, December 2013.

Peer-Reviewed Creative Nonfiction
“Uprooted.” NOLA Diaspora. Vol.3, Issue 1, Feb. 2013.


academic & administrative appointments

Assistant Professor of English

Department of English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy; Francis Marion University, 2014-present


Interim Expanded Composition Coordinator (2013-present) and Instructor

Department of English; University of Southern Mississippi, 2012-2014

Lecturer, General Studies

English Department, Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty (2011-2012) and Honors Faculty (Spring 2012); University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2010-2012

Assistant Coordinator (Graduate Assistant, Arts & Sciences Communication Studio)

Communication across the Curriculum (CxC); Louisiana State University (LSU), 2007-2010
Honor: CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

Writing Specialist (WS) and Academic Mentor (AM)

Cox Communication Academic Center for Student-Athletes; LSU, Summers 2006-2010

Editorial Assistant and ATLAS Grant Research Assistant

2007-2009; Book Project: Over Ten Million Served: Gendered Service in Language and Literature Workplaces. Eds. Michelle Massé and Katie Hogan. SUNY Press: New York, 2010.

Administrative Assistant, Communication across the Curriculum (Central Office)

Louisiana State University; Summers 2008, 2009

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Teacher of Record)

English Department; LSU, 2004-2007



“Clearly, [the article] is deeply engaged with controversial issues in pedagogy, and it is more than sufficiently theorized, with abundant implications for the way college-level teachers and composition-program administrators frame their jobs.”

“[It’s] a terrific essay, one that will likely focus and advance an important conversation in our field for a good while. I can certainly imagine assigning it…in my graduate seminar on comp pedagogy.”


“The article’s primary  idea is extremely well-supported and sophisticated, and its chief value may in fact be in the way in functions as a sort of encyclopedia of the best-that-has-been-thought-and-said about the dynamics between trauma, writing, and teaching.”

teaching experience

Francis Marion University

ENG 111, Composition I (Fall 2014)

ENG 111L, Writing Lab for Composition I (Fall 2014)

ENG 341, Advanced Composition for Writing Teachers (Fall 2014; Spring 2015)


University of Southern Mississippi

ENG 100E/101E, Expanded Composition (Fall 2012-Spring 2013; Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

ENG 102, College Composition II (Online, Summer 2013)

ENG 099E, Expanded Composition Writing Studio (Fall 2012; Fall 2013)

ENG 332, Advanced Composition: Stories of Trauma (Spring 2013)

ENG 333, Technical Writing (Online, Summer 2013)


University of North Carolina at Wilmington

ENG 101, College Reading & Writing I (Fall 2010, linked with University Studies 101)

ENG 200, College Reading & Writing II – Global, Women’s Issues (Fall 2011 & Spring 2012, Service-Learning)

ENG 201, College Reading & Writing II (Fall 2010; Spring 2011)

ENG 110, Introduction to Literature (Fall 2010; Spring 2011; Fall 2011, linked with UNI 101; Summer 2012)

ENG 230, Women in Literature (Fall 2011; Spring 2012, Honors)

ENG 290, Themed Literature: Trauma and Healing (Spring 2011; Spring 2012)


Louisiana State University (Teacher of Record)

ENGL 1001, Freshmen Composition (Fall 04, Summer 05, Fall 05)

ENGL 1002, Argumentative Essay (Spring 05)

ENGL 2025, Introduction to Fiction, Emphasis: Writing Women (Spring 06)

ENGL 2025, Introduction to Fiction, Emphasis: Narrative Discourses of Love (Spring 07)

ENGL 2673, Literature & Ethnicity, Emphasis: Becoming Stories (Fall 06)


writing pedagogy & program administration

Francis Marion University


Acting Composition Coordinator (2015-present)

Oversee all aspects of the composition program; duties to be outlined


University of Southern Mississippi


Interim Expanded Composition Coordinator (2013-2014)

Develop and review curriculum for the Expanded Composition Program; Oversee 15 instructors, 22 sections of 100E, and 22 sections of 099E; Provide support and mentorship to Expanded instructors; Administer and assess the Comp I-Expanded challenge exam; Address placement concerns of at-risk students; Coordinate Expanded Program events and annual assessment; Gather and report data on each Expanded cohort’s success rates in subsequent writing courses and degree completion


Pedagogy Forum Coordinator (Spring 2013-2014)
Oversee selection and coordination of monthly pedagogical series to enhance writing instruction
Expanded Composition Program Committee (2012-present)
Participate in full implementation and assessment of new basic writing program; Participate in pilot and assessment of Writing Studio; Contribute to online database of instructional first-year writing resources

Composition Workgroup (2012-2014)
Assist with curriculum development for traditional first-year writing; Assist with selection of common texts; Serve on Graduate Teaching Award Committee; Review and edit assessment materials and guidelines; Participate in annual program assessment; Serve as Breakout Leader for 100E/099E, developing and facilitating workshops for graduate instructors and adjuncts (2013-present)


Louisiana State University


Assistant Coordinator, Communication across the Curriculum

Meet with and advise faculty with communication-intensive projects; Train and oversee student workers; Create documents and resources; Assist with creation and implementation of faculty Summer Institute; Design and present lectures and workshops; Offer individual consultations on student communication projects and electronic portfolios; Assist in managing the Distinguished Communicator certification program; Assist with pilot program assessment; Assist with award and grant applications; Recruit students and facilitate outreach; Attend advisory council meeting, presenting in Coordinator’s absence; Co-Organize Annual Digital Media Festival (2008, 2009), leading coordination in 2010


grants, honors, & awards

Summer Research Stipend ($4,000), FMU, Jan 2015

Writing and Speaking Pedagogy Seminar Acceptance ($1,500), USM, Jan-March 2014

Summer Grant for Improvement of Instruction ($6,000), USM, December 2013
Special Thanks and Reward (S.T.A.R.) Award, Student-Nominated Recognition, UNCW, March 2012
College of Arts & Sciences Cultural Activity Grant ($1,000), English Department, UNCW, July 2011
Center for Teaching Excellence Engaged Teaching Fellowship Award ($2,000), UNCW, March 2011
Global Citizenship Grant ($3,555), International Program Advisory Committee, UNCW, Feb 2011
Honorary Distinguished Communicator Award, LSU, Comm. Across the Curriculum, May 2010

Outstanding Service and Alumni of the Year Award, LSU Epsilon Kappa Delta, May 2010
Graduate School Travel Grant, LSU, March 2007, 2008, 2009
Comparative Literature Travel Grant, LSU, March 2007, 2008
College of Arts & Sciences Travel Grant, LSU, Dec. 2006
Northeast Modern Language Association Travel Grant, Spring 2006
Ford Teaching Fellowship, Millsaps College, 2002
Phi Beta Kappa, Millsaps College, 2002


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