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teaching portfolio

Spear has taught a range of composition and literature courses often with a women's focus.  She has received a student-nominated STAR Award for her successful teaching while at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  Her efforts have also yielded a Cultural Activity Grant, a Global Citizenship Grant, an Engaged Teaching Fellowship, and a Writing and Speaking Pedagogy Fellowship. 

Francis Marion University

ENG 111, Composition


ENG 111L, Writing Lab for Composition I


ENG 341, Advanced Composition for Writing Teachers


University of Southern Mississippi

ENG 100E/101E, Expanded Composition


ENG 102, College Composition II (Online)


ENG 099E, Expanded Composition Writing Studio


ENG 332, Advanced Composition: Stories of Trauma


ENG 333, Technical Writing (Online)


University of North Carolina - Wilmington

ENG 101, College Reading & Writing I


ENG 200, College Reading & Writing II – Global, Women’s Issues (Service-Learning)


ENG 201, College Reading & Writing II


ENG 110, Introduction to Literature


ENG 230, Women in Literature


HNRS ENG 230, Women in Literature


ENG 290, Themed Literature: Trauma and Healing

Louisiana State University
(Teacher of Record)

ENGL 1001, Freshmen Composition


ENGL 1002, Argumentative Essay


ENGL 2025, Introduction to Fiction, Emphasis: Writing Women


ENGL 2025, Introduction to Fiction, Emphasis: Narrative Discourses of Love


ENGL 2673, Literature & Ethnicity, Emphasis: Becoming Stories

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