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While at the University of North Carolina - Wilimington, Spear received two grants to create and implement a 200-level composition argument course with a global emphasis and service-learning component. In ENG 200: College Reading and Writing (Global Emphasis), the service-learning component was used to create local-global links within and beyond the classroom, increasing student engagement and awareness of global and local issues while simultaneously focusing on writing objectives.  The course consisted of five community partnerships and project-based writing assignments, including formal essays, reflections logs, and a capstone group project.  Spear has presented on the success and creation of this course at the North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing in 2013.


UNCW's English in Action Showcase
Multimodal Writing Project & Presentation
Students Presented Work

at this public event, sharing their

experiences and arguments

Students Learned Skills

in writing, speaking, and visual

rhetoric through class projects

Created and Permission Granted by Devin

Barleen, Aurelie Krakowsky, and Kelsey Dean


Created and Permission Granted by

Kelsey Dean


Global Citizenship & Local Arguments

Students' reflection logs and group projects stressed information related to global/local issues, capturing their personal experiences and offering an understanding of what being a "global citizen" means.  Some students went a step further by deciding to present their service-learning projects in the department's English in Action Showcase, a public forum that highlights English students work within and outside classrooms.  All students wrote argument essays related to the focused issue that directly connected to their service-learning projects.

Community Partnerships


5 Partners | 10 hours | On-Site Involvement

Reflection Logs | Argument Essay | Group Project


Domestic Violence Shelter


Carousel Center for Abused Children


Good Shepherd Center Wilmington


Interfaith Refugee Ministry


St. Mary Health Clinic


Service-learning is more than just making you feel good about yourself; it is about getting involved in issues
that affect people in every day life.  It is an
eye-opening experience that will change anyone…
-Student A
Overall service-learning type classes are very interesting courses to take. 
I had never heard of them before …
I have taken away more from [this class and service-learning experience]
than majority of my other classes.
-Student B
Service-learning just seemed like a lot of extra work for nothing, but I was wrong…it has been a very rewarding experience.  I have learned a lot about the global issue[s]…and what it means to be a global citizen.
-Student C
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